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Constitution of OASIS


The name of the association shall be “ Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States” in short form called “OASIS” here in after called the association in these rules and regulations.

The Objectives if the association are given in memorandum of association.


There will be two categories of membership
1) Founder life members
2) Life members

1. Founder Life Members
All valid life members existing in each association of AndhraPradesh Orthopaedic Association, Karnataka Orthopaedic Association, Kerala Orthopaedic Association &Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association whose list of names would be reaching the office of the Secretary General OASIS before 30th Sep 2002 will be enrolled as Founder Life Members.
2. Life Members
New life members joining each of the state Association after 31st August 2002 to be updated and forwarded to the Secretary General by each State Association on a yearly basis before 30th June will be enrolled as life members.  A token subscription can be collected by the state Association at the time of their joining the State Association towards OASIS and forwarded to OASIS office.


1) Each State Association will pay a onetime contribution of Rs. 25,000 /- to be drawn in favor of OASIS towards corpus fund which should reach the Secretary General before 30th April 2002.  This would entail automatic subscription for the list of members that the association submits to the Secretary General before 30th September 2002.
2) No special subscription shall be charged from any member directly by OASIS.
3) The State Association can levy an additional subscription fee of Rs.100/- per member at the time of joining the State Association as a new life member and this amount has to be transferred to OASIS account on a yearly basis depending on its new life members before 30thjune every year.  This subscription fee may be changed as per the decision of oasis executive committee.
4) Members attending the annual scientific meeting / conference / CME will be required to pay a separate registration fee as fixed by the organizing committee of OASIS conference.
5) Member states including associate members to OASIS as decided by the OASIS executive committee from time to time.


a) The association’s financial year shall extend from 1st April to 31st March every year both days inclusive.
b) The accounts of the association shall be maintained in the name of the association at a bank or banks authorized by the executive committee.
c)All property and money shall be vested in the name of association.
d) The Secretary General Shall have charge of all money and assets of the Association.
e) Being not for a profit organization, the executive committee shall authorize the Secretary General to start trust / endowment / savings bank account in a nationalized bank as may be deemed necessary.
f) The account shall be operate by President / Secretary General.  For withdrawal of amount less than Rs. 5000 /- a single signatory should suffice and for amount less than Rs. 5000/- a single signatory should suffice and for amount more than Rs. 5000/- two signatures are required.
g) All Payments for the corpus fund, donation and donations from conference / by way of any other donation shall be in the name of OASIS.
h) No member of any committee / subcommittee shall incur any expenses on behalf of the association except with the permission of the President / Secretary General.
i) The Accounts of the association shall be audited annually.
j) The accounts of the association shall be operated jointly / singly as the case may be as per clause (f) by the President / Secretary General.
k) The OASIS trust account will be under the control of the Board of trustees which would be constituted as follows, the present (Managing Trustee), Secretary General or OASIS as Treasurer, President Elect, Senior Vice President, and Vice Presidents as members.  The account will be operated singly or jointly as the case may be as per clause 9f) by the President / Secretary General.
i) The IT Return shall be filled by the representative from Chennai, Dr. P.V.Vijayaraghavan and all papers shall reach him by the end of August (ECM, 22.07.2007, Mangalore)


(A) Annual Conference of the OASIS ( OASISCON)
a) The Annual Conference of OASIS would be conducted for duration three days preferably in July / August every year.  The First day will be devoted for continuing medical education program / workshop and live demonstrations.  The venue will be in the state of the President elect.  In the event of the state not being able to hold the conference the venue will be decided by the executive committee of OASIS.
b) The Organizing Chairman will be the President elect of OASIS.  The President of the State chapter will be the organizing co-chairman.  The organizing secretary will be nominated by the organizing secretary will be nominated by the Organizing chairman in consultation with the President and Secretary of the State Chapter and Executive committee of OASIS.  Other members of the organizing committee will be nominated by the State association in consultation in consultation with the organizing chairman and President and Secretary General of OASIS.
c) The Scientific program of the conference will be decided by the scientific committee of OASIS consisting of the President, Secretary General, Organizing Chairman, scientific committee chairman of the organizing committee, and one representative from each state selected from the members of the executive committee of OASIS.  The committee should ensure that equal opportunities are given to each state in terms of guest lectures, CME lectures, charging of sessions, free papers etc.  The faculty shall be drawn from the constituent states of the OASIS only viz: Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu,Telangana and pondichery.  However faculty from outside the above mentioned states can be invited to workshops and CMEs.  One or two Foreign faculty can be invited for the regular scientific programmes of the conference ( AGM, 8th September, 2007, Mangalore ).

d) Only founder life members/ Life members / associate members will be allowed to present scientific papers.  The presenter should be a registered delegate at the conference.  The re would be a separate postgraduate session for presentation of papers by postgraduates.

e) Any member wishing to present a scientific material must furnish 3 copies of abstract and full paper to the organizing secretary of the conference 8 weeks before the date of the meeting.

f) Every communication presented to the association becomes the property of the association becomes the property of the association, which has the right to publish it in the official publication of the association or else where, to the determined agreement with the author.

g) The organizing committee of OASISCON will donate a minimum amount of Rupees Two lakhs ( Rs.2,00,000 /- ) to the corpus fund of OASIS of which Rs. 50,000/- will go towards conduct of OASIS ICL the following year ( ECM, 10.7.2011, Hyderabad), Rs. 50,000/- will go to the OASIS trust account and Rs. 50,000/- will go to the OASIS trust account and Rs. 50,000/- to SB account.  The amount may be changed as per decision of Executive / General body of OASIS from time to time.  From the year 2007 onwards and additional amount of Rs. 50,000/- ( Fifty Thousand ) will be given as an advance to the organizing committee of next OASISCON which will be transferred to the organizing committee of next conference and this will be rotated every year.

(B) Continuing Medical Education

(h) One CME will be conducted every year in a State other than the one holding OASISCON.  A theme may be named for each year ( ECIM, 31.08.2006, Tirupathi ).  Rs. 20,000/- from OASIS, AGM 25/8/2013 Puducherry.
(C) OASIS Instructional Course Lectures ( OASISICL)
(i) The State conducting the OASISICON had taken up the responsibility of conducted in a State other than the one where the OASISCON was conducted ( ECM, 10.07.2011, Hyderabad ).
J) Contribution to OASIS ICL: The OASIS shall provide financial assistance to the tune of Rs. ten thousand only (Rs. 10,000/-) fore a once day programme and Rs. fifteen thousand only (Rs. 15,000/-) towards a two day programme. This amount shall be paid after the respective Organsising Committee makes a written Request with supportive documents like a brief report and some photographs ( ECM, 20.4.2008 Chennai).
k) The OASIS shall provide financial assistance of Rs. Fifty thousand only towards conduct of the OASISICL (ECM, 10.7.2011, Hyderabad).


1. Presidential Oration:
    The Presidential Oration be delivered by the immediate past president of the OASIS. Only Local hospitality will be provided by the Organizing committee of the OASISCON. No travel arrangements will be made.
2. Dr. Sudhakar Shetty Memorial Oration (ECM, 22.7.20007, Mangalore):
   a) Rs. One and a half lakh ( Rs.1,50,000/-) had been handed over by Dr.Naresh Shetty on behalf of the students of Prof. Sudhakar Shetty towards the corpus amount.
   b) For the year 2007, Organizing Committee of OASISCON 2009 will select the Orator and the medallion will be prepared by them. From subsequent year 75% of the interest shall be spent on the Oration and 25% of the intrest shall be re-invested to the corpus fund.
   c) The Orator will be proposed by the Organising Committee OASISCON from a prepared list of eligible candidates form the respective State, between the age group of 55 to 60 years, with good academic, professional and organization background. The Executive


E Travelling fellowships: 2 AGM 25/8/2012, Bangalore amount from interest of 7.0 Lakhs given by TNOA.
Committee of the OASIS will make the final selection of the Orator.
3. The Medallions for the 3 Orators will be made by OASIS.


A) A  business general body meeting shall be held once in a year during the annual conference of OASIS . General boby meetings may be held as and when required as decided by the executive committee/President.
b) Founder life members, life members and associate members alone are entitled to vote at the meeting deliberations.
c) The President shall call a general body meeting within twenty eight days of receiving a request signed by not less than quarter of the members eligible to vote, specifying the nature of business.
d) The Best paper Award shall be awarded at the Annual General Body Meeting (AGM, 8.9.2007, Mangalore).


a) The publication of the association would be titled “JOURNAL OF OASIS”.
b) The journal would be brought out once/ twice a year by the editor preferable at the annual conference.
c)Editorial Board: There will be an editorial board constituted by the editor in consultation with the President and Secretary General of OASIS. The board will consist of Editor, one Associate Editor and two members, and the Presidents and Secreatary General of OASIS.
d) The term of the editor is for four years and this post will rotate among the states in the reverse alphabetic order.
e) The editor will be nominated by the concerned state, preferably a person with sufficient teaching and academic experience.
f) An editorial advisory board may be constituted with one member from each state.
g) The OASIS shall provide Rs. Thirty thousand only (Rs. 30,000/-) towards the OASIS Journal every year (AGM, 1.9.2006, Tirupathi)
i) Contributions to Journal by way of cheques shall be drawn in the name of OASIS (ECM, 11.9.2009, Kochi).


A. The Executive Committee of OASIS would be constituted by
a. President
b. Secretary General
c. President Elect
d.Senior vice President
e. Vice President-2
f.Immediate Past President
g. Immediate Past Secretary Genaral
h. Journal editor
i. Executive Members-25
j. Treasurer ( AGM, 12.9.2009, Kochi)
k.Organising Secretary OASISCON

     Five Executive Committee Members selected from each of the four member states represented by The President, Secretary, President elect of the state association and two other Members nominated by the satae. Special invitees may be included for a meeting as per the decision of the President and Secretary General on special Circumstance when required.
A Treasurer for OASIS is to be chosen from the same place as of the Secretary General (AGM, 12.9.2009, Kochi)
B. All office bearers will hold office in the concerned post for one year only except the Secretary General who would hold office for four year tenure to co-ordinate the activites of OASIS.
C. The office of the President, President Elect, Senior Vice President, Vice President will be represented from each of the member states for one post every year and this would go on a rotational basis in Pujucherry order namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.
Each year the nominee from the state nominated by a process of selection/ election through state body would move one post higher and every year only one new nomination would be added for the post of Vice President from a state in alphabetical order.
D. Every year the Secreatary General will get the nominee for the post of Vice President from the concerned state on a roational basis.
E. Eligibility for the post of President, President Elect, Senior Vice President, and Vice President of OASIS should be that the nominated person should have been a post president of the State Association. President/ Secretary General of OASIS should not be holding any other position in the State Association during their tenure in office.

A) All Officers shall be honorary
b) All office bearers of Executive Committee should be founder life members/ life members of OASIS.
c) Immediate past President would be the ex-officio Member.
d) Immediate past Secretary General would be ex-office Members.
e) Eight member would from a quorum for a meeting.
f) Office bearers should be by consensus and nomination by state association through the process of election / selection.
g) No formal election for OASIS.


a) The management of the association shall vest in the executive of the association.
b) The executive committee shall have power to fill casual vacancies amongst the officers confirmation at the next business meeting.
c) The executive committee shall meet three times a year once before the Annual General Body t the Venue of annual conference another in April every year at Chennai or Bangalore, and the third meeting six weeks before the Annual Conference at the Venue. Emergency meeting may be conducted as and when required.
d) The executive committee shall control the officers of the association. Its fund and assets, the income and the property of the association howsoever desired shall be spent solely towards the objectives of the association.
e) All officer bearers and executive committee members should attend at least two executive meeting in year, failing which they will be debarred from taking any official post of OASIS for a period of five years.


A. President
1. He shall preside over the meetings of the executive committee and all other scientific and business meetings, functions, seminars, symposia, etc. convened by and on behalf of the association. He shall deliver a presidential address at the annual conference.
2. The President shall be ex- officio member of all committees and subcommittees.
3. The President may co-opt for committee meeting additional members, which shall not exceed three who will not herewith involve in decision making.
4. The President shall submit his resignation to the executive committee.
5. He will be a signatory for any financial release for OASIS exceeding Rs. 5,000/-
6. He will in consultation with the Vice Presidents propose a theme for OASIS, which will be in place for four years (ECM, 20.6.2010, Trivandrum Medical College, Kerala).
B.   President Elect
1. The President elect shall deputize for the President on all occasions when the president isb absent or ceases to hold office during his term. He shall succeed as president for the rest of the term.
2. He shall submit his resignation to the President.
3. Conduct OASISCON.
c. Senior Vice President
1. Senior Vice President shall deputize for the President when the president elect is absent or ceases to hold office and do all president function.
2. He shall submit his resignation to the President.
D. Vice President
1. In the absence of the President, President elect and senior vice president he shall deputize for all functions of the President.
2. He shall submit his resignation to the President.
He shall Be Responsible to inform the Secretary General about the changes in his respective State Association (ECM, 8.9.2007, Mangalore)
4. He shall be a member of the respective State Association for better co-ordination between OASIS and the State Association of OASIS decision in their respective States (ECM, 20.4.2008, Chennai).
Subclause: In the absence of the President, President elect, senior Vice president and vice president the Executive Committee shall elect a Chairman for any particular meeting or for the remaining term of office of the President.
E. Secretary General
1. He will be nominated by the concerned state and his term of office will be for three years. This office would rotate through alphabetical order among members states. (A/c 25.8.2012 Bangaloru).
2. His function will be co-ordinate all the activities of the association in collaboration with the state association and president of OASIS.
3. The Secretary General shall be responsible for the organizing and executive of all polices and programmes of the association and shall submit reports at the meeting of the executive committee regarding thereto. He shall also present the annual report at the annual meeting of the executive committee giving a general review of the work of the association in the preceding year.
4. Circulate the circulars to the secretaries of state association and also send copies of all correspondence to the president of OASIS.
5. He shall be the custodian of all documents and the papers of the association.
6. He will sign and execute all contracts or other instruments in the name of association and shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the association along with president.
7. He shall be ex-officio member of all committees and subcommittees of the association.
8. He shall also present the Secretary Generals report at the inaugural function of the annual conference.
9. He shall submit his resignation to the president.
10. Whose responsibilities are?
a. He will keep accounts of the association.
b. He shall present the annual audited accounts of the previous year at the annual general body meeting.
c. He shall present a budget for the next year at the annual general body meeting.
d. During his absence due to illness or abroad, the president will delegate in writing his duties to any other member of the executive committee.
e. All cheques and other negotiable instruments shall be signed jointly by the Secretary General and President of OASIS. A single Signature of the Secretary General is enough to withdraw an amount less than Rs.5, 000/-
11. The Secretary General may incur petty expenses for smooth running of the association work, not exceeding five hundred rupees for one single item. And get reimbursed on production of proper receipts and vouchers.
12. He shall be in charges of the official Web site of OASIS ( ECM, 31.8.2006, Tirupathi & ECM, 17.12.2006, Bangalore).
Miscellaneous: He shall be provided with an Office Assistant, Computer with Interent facility and a room on rental basis to carry out the routine (AGM, 1.9.2006, Tirupathi)
F. Executive Committee Members
1. He will attend all executive committee meetings and give his suggestions.
2. He will carry out functions allocated to him by President/ Secretary General.
3. He will be nominated from his state.
4. His term of office will be one year except when the state association secretary’s tenure is for a longer period.


1. State Associations shall invite the President and Secretary General OASIS to their respective Annual place on the dias (ECM, 28.8.02010, Chennai).
2. The sate Chapters shall include OASIS News in Their State News Letters (AGM, 28.8.2010 Chennai)
3. Campaign during IOA Elections: if there is only one contestant from any one of the OASIS States, he or she shall be allowed to campaign during the General Body Meeting of the OASIS (ECM, 28.8.2010, Chennai).


a. The Executive committee and President shall have power to appoint subcommittee members for such other purpose as it may decide and appoint members of subcommittees.
b. The sub-committee shall have the power to co-opt anyone who may assist their  work without reference to executive committee provided the name of these co-opted members are recorded in the written report of the sub-committee to be presented annually to the executive committee.
c. A written report of the proceedings of each sub-committee shall be presented annually to the executive committee.


The alteration should be approved by Executive Committee Members. The alteration should come through the state approval. The rules and regulations shall be altered only by the vote of at least three-fourths of the founder life members and life members present at a General body meeting. The Secretary general shall dispatch a notice of such meeting and of every proposed alteration by post into every member eligible to vote, not less than 30 days before the date of the meeting and no rule shall be altered unless such notice has been given.


Neither the office bearers not the members of the central and/or business executive authorities, nor members of the association shall be answerable for any act done in good faith for the sake of conformity only, for the monies of the association other than such as shall come into their own hands for any collections or received of monies appointed by the executive committee concerned for any misfortune loss or damage happening to the association by reason of any deed executed by them as an office bearer or a member of the executive committee or member of association or any reason of any error in judgement or mere indiscretion on their part in the performance of their duties or otherwise on account except for willful negligence or fraud. Every person being an office bearer or a  member of the executive committee or a member of the association, his heirs, executors and administrators shall at all times be indemnified out of the funds of the association, from against all costs, losses, damages and or expenses whatsoever incurred or sustained by him in the execution of this powers or duties and every person having been or being an office bearer/member of the association, his heirs, executors and administrators shall be indemnified and saved harmless out of the funds of the association against all action, suits, claims and demands whatsoever brought or made against him or them either singly or jointly in respect of any engagements of the association, unless such as may be incurred by his own personal willful neglect or fraud.


a. No less than three-fifth of the Founder life members, and life members of the association may determine that it shall be dissolved and thereupon it shall be dissolved forth with or at any time agreed upon and all necessary steps shall be taken by the Executive claims and liabilities, according to the rules of the association the adjustment of affairs shall be referred to the Principal court of the original civil jurisdiction of the district in which the office of the association is situated and the court shall make such order in the matter as it shall deem requisite.
b. If on the dissolution of the association there remains after satisfactory of its debts and liabilities, any property whatever the same shall not be paid or distributed among the members of the association, but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions having the objects of the advancement of medical sciences and art, such institution or institutions to be determined by the three-fifth of the members of the association at or before time of dissolution and if and so far as effect cannot be given to given to such provision then to some other charitable object.
XVII. All provision of the societies and registration ACT (1860) as amended from time to time apply to the association.

Secretary General
Professor of Orthopaedics
Government Medical College, Kozhikode, Kerala
10/346A, Naveenam, Cherinchal Road, Karanthur
(PO), Kunnamangalam,
Kozhikode 673571. Kerala.
Mobile: 9495188347

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