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The Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States was formally inaugurated in July 2002 at Hyderabad with the following Aims and Objects.  

To bring the Orthopaedic fraternity of member states namelyTelangana, Andhra  Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry under one roof to exchange scientific data and research.
To conduct multi center epidemiologic surveys to identify and treat common Orthopaedic problems.
To search for low cost therapies
To impart Orthopaedic knowledge amongst all Orthopaedic surgeons both urban & rural.
To maintain modern reference libraries.
To advice medical council of India on Orthopaedic Training and education.
To monitor quality control on Orthopaedic implants.

The special features of OASIS are that there is no Elections / Collection. The Association runs on a one-time corpus fund from each state association for all its life members and conference donation. No special subscription is charged to a member towards this association. The office bearers also are nominated through a process of consensus from each state association.

The association is now registered under the Registrar of Society Act at Chennai bearing registration No.501/2002.

The concept of starting such an association has been in the minds of senior orthopaedic surgeons from Southern States of India over almost last 15years but these attempts ended up only in conduct of conferences at Trichy, Mangalore, Chennai and Vijayawada without a proper constitution and byelaws.

The attempts were revived in the year 2000, when senior surgeons like Dr.A.Subramanian and Dr.K.Annamalai from Tamil Nadu, Dr.Basheer Ahmed and Dr.Sunny Pazhayathil from Kerala, Dr.J.S.Hegde and Dr.M.Shantaram Shetty from Karnataka, Dr.A.Srinivasa Rao and Dr.Adinarayana Rao from Andhra Pradesh thought of putting forth an organization. Dr.P.V.Vijayaraghavan took it upon himself to co-ordinate these initial attempts and organized an action committee meeting at Chennai on the 27th May 2001 through the initiative of Tamilnadu Orthopaedic Association.

The credit for the proposal of the name * OASIS * goes to Kerala Orthopaedic Association. The 1st cheque towards the * Corpus Fund * came from Karnataka Orthopaedic Association and the Logo for the Association was provided by Andhra Pradesh. The Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association was responsible for the formation and later ratification of the constitution and bye laws of the association
Secretary General
Professor of Orthopaedics
Government Medical College, Kozhikode, Kerala
10/346A, Naveenam, Cherinchal Road, Karanthur
(PO), Kunnamangalam,
Kozhikode 673571. Kerala.
Mobile: 9495188347
Email: ankorthodoc@gmail.com

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